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What Is Trading Psychology? Trading psychology examines the psychological and emotional states of traders. It all comes down to how your actions and outlook affect your trading. Your self-control and risk-taking are also mentioned.Your capacity for long-term success in trading depends greatly on your mentality. Understanding your trading philosophy can be…


Intraday Trading

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Trading on the stock market is risky and, if not done with sufficient research and caution, can result in significant losses. However, if you know the tactics and trades, you can make attractive returns in a short period of time. Intraday trading methods are among the most often used of the…

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Important Differences Between Delivery Trading vs. Intraday Trading

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Both delivery trading and intraday trading have their advantages and disadvantages, and each trader chooses the strategy that best suits his or her needs and trading style. These are some of the key distinctions between intraday and delivery that set these two trading methods apart:1. Share Delivery :  In the stock market,…

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